Project 1

A surreal mix of grey backgrounds with mustard, gold and teal elements brings together a peaceful aura in this space. The combination of designer artefacts, blended with the walls, flooring and furniture, giving this space a complete look!

Project 2

Contemporary design with a touch of traditional elements and contrasting furniture colours brings out the best of both worlds.
Everything from the carpet to the smallest decor elements makes the space stylish and classy… a trend that never runs out!

Project 3

This was a vibrant office space designed to ignite inspiration and create a visual spectacle.
Infused with a riot of colors, neon lights, and unique elements like round acoustic panels and colorful wooden strips, this Instagrammable haven delivers a fun, energetic ambiance, ensuring every glance sparks a ‘wow’ moment.

Project 4

Embark on a visual journey through our latest project—an extraordinary 4-bedroom townhouse where walls, textures, and colors became our canvas. With creative freedom granted by the client, we curated unique themes for each space, making every corner a personalized haven. Discover the art of making homes truly special.

Project 5

A townhouse project with small rooms, elegantly designed to fit in necessarily, study units and tv, without looking cluttered. The elements are fairly simple, yet stylish. The colour contrasts in the walls and pillows reflect opulence making this small space look chic!