Open doors to a space that comforts you after a long day. A space that is intimate, reflects you, outlines your personality, and has choices that ease you into lounging stylishly! Come home to a space that is everything you’ve imagined for yourself, and more. Discover your preferences and help us style them for you. Who knows, you might come up with your own style as well. Blended spaces is a long-time dream come true of a little girl from Karachi, who loves everything artistic.

I am Aarti Lakhwani, a passionate interior stylist. I graduated from Canada, with a major in Humanities. What I do now, is poles apart from what I’ve studied, but I’ve always had a liking for art. I’ve tried my hands at various artistic skills, but interiors are what I’ve been drawn to the most. Since my childhood, I’ve helped my friends and family do up their homes. I would give them small ideas that they’d love, which later enhanced to designing and styling their entire homes. It was them who pushed me to pursue my passion professionally. And this is how Blended Spaces was born. A brand that reflects my style to blend with yours.

If I were to define my style in one sentence, I’d say, “I design happy spaces that feel like home!” My designs are distinctive, intimate, personal, and customised. A lot of my inspiration comes from all the travelling I do. I love exploring various places and experiencing the culture that transcends into my work. It adds a spark to every design I create. Nevertheless, I incorporate your vision and add my style to put together a space where you feel elated, a space where you can be yourself and express yourself.

Take this journey with me, and style your home, your way!