You talk, I listen:

Understanding your requirement, taste, and space is the preliminary step toward creating something for you. We look at the space together and talk about colour tones, mood boards, furniture, and texture all of which depend on how you plan to use the room/space.

A rough sketch:

After understanding your requirement, I put together a few samples. In general, I take some time to sketch patterns and designs, that can help you choose everything to your liking. This includes a lot of discussions, decision-making, and creating the perfect design board for your space, in your budget!

And then we go shopping:

The fun part begins and here’s the advantage of having an interior stylist- we shop together with you, from multiple stores, picking out pieces and customising your space. You and I will shortlist, propose a quote, negotiate and finally place our orders. Alternatively, I also shop on your behalf, considering your style and requirements. 

Making your vision come to life:

Once we’re done shopping, I start with installations one by one. This is the most time-consuming part of the process because the space comes together as and how our orders are fulfilled. Here I add my creativity to style your furniture and walls in a unique yet personal way. And then the big reveal follows!